The Last Judgement

by June Lake

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The Last Judgement tells the story of a family that is torn apart by their conflicting religious views. The parents of the family are convinced that one of their sons is a demon and they have locked him in the basement and kept him there since he was a child. They claim that he is not a member of their family and that God wants them to eliminate him. They feel it's their "mission" to do so and that they will be greatly rewarded for it. The daughter of the family is on her parent's side and firmly stands behind anything they say, to the point where outside viewpoints may or may not say she is brainwashed by religion. The last family member is another son, who is deemed "the good son." However, he does not agree with his family at all, and knows that the person locked in the basement is a good person and not a demon at all. He wants to help his brother but doesn't know how. Here lies the struggle. No matter what your stance is on religion, and whether you take this album as a literal experience, everyone can relate to at least one character of the album. Which side will you stand with, though?


released August 24, 2013

Album artwork by Kristen Anne
The Need for What We Can't Have features additional guest vocals sung by Kristen Anne



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June Lake North Beach, Maryland

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Track Name: Perception of Imperfection
The walls were peeling with imperfection
a mother and fathers love long dead
big piles of misconceptions lined the floor
it was cold, covered with nothing
but the harsh reality that
this life is shit
a tiny window was the only glimpse
into the outside world


this basement is home, it's all I've ever known
can't remember any other life
I'm told it's for my own good
God wanted it this way

if I'm to be saved, I need
to have my spirit broken and fed to darkness
broke my teeth on each and every step
dragged my fingernails down every board
these people upstairs are not my family
they're puppets with no strings
they have nothing but false perceptions
they cling to like maggots on corpses
well feast on my soul, you can have a bite
have the taste of salt poured over new leaves
soak through your tongue to the back of your throat
and as it slides down into the abyss, just
know that I deserve better than this
I'm not a monster...
God dammit, I'm not a monster
Track Name: Middle-Aged Adversity
"Wake up, honey!"
I hear the demon's roar
eclipsing the door that separates him from us
"well go back to sleep, it'll pass, it'll pass"
for evil is just a name, nothing more
I don't feel sorry for the bastard


The devil comes in many shapes and forms
and that boy is not my son
he's a demon and he'll be kept in that
basement for all of eternity for all I care

God's wrath will take care of the rest
we saw the face of terrible things
underneath our eyelids
it was another one of the demon's tricks
"he'll spill our blood and drink it by the gallon, by God he will"
he'll snap our bones and suck every morsel of meat
from our bodies just for the taste of something pure

God gave us the child in the form of a test
we as a family are being tested
our faith is being questioned
and that thing in the basement is the answer
to whether we are divine and true
we bear the cross as a symbol of gratitude

Oh heavenly Father, oh holy Ghost
you've given us a challenge
we don't intend to lose
they'll have to update the scriptures with our tale
of bravery after all is said and done
a separate verse, just for us
Just for us....
Track Name: Disheartened by the Forces of Evil
Another morning, I've lived to see another day
the demon did not take me away in my sleep
mommy and daddy's perfect daughter is thrilled
mother and father say I must never go to the basement
for if I do, my life is at risk
so for them, I'll be a good child
do as I'm told, no matter what
"I'm following the light of the Lord's chosen path"


"We're all just following the light of faith in God"

my home is beautiful, we must protect it
father wore his hands down to minced meat to build it
mother barely bit the bullet by beating insanity
but my brother, of him I'm not so sure
he says all the right words, goes through the motions,
but I don't trust him
he's not a soldier of God
a common peasant, he'd rather fill his head with
garbage from the television and literature
he believes what others tell him, if his heart agrees
father and mother say he can still be saved, though
maybe the demon in the basement is possessing his mind
we're losing him, my God, we're losing him
Track Name: The Need for What We Can't Have
I've never met the one below
only talked to him through the basement door
his words are kind and tender
but I am forbidden to open the door
I'd be unearthing a terrible evil that was meant to be locked away


Is this truth, or is it a lie?
how am I supposed to know
if there's really heaven or hell?
I just know in my heart this house isn't a home

with every passing day my heart grows fonder
of the one downstairs
I know he's my brother
I can see his face through the door
we look alike, share the same sad eyes
he's a beautiful soul, longing for love

oh brother, dear brother
can you hear me?
I promise we'll leave this house behind some day
the world has much to offer
I offer you my soul if you'll accept me
Track Name: Goodnight Mister Spider
Good morning, mister spider
your webs are glowing radiantly
screaming of blessed joy
gray walls are slick with slime
my skin is pale gold
I'm dressed today, am I alive?


So beautiful is the small ray of light
floating and flittering
choke on the dust
I'm breathing, showing signs of life

I'm a spider
oh look at me crawl these walls!
climbing, descending, fitting in the cracks
roll around in the dirt
routines, routines, I've lost track
give me my sanity back!
oh no, here comes the rush, such a head rush

the rats, the mice, the head lice
they itch, they claw, roaming the room
we've got to get out of here
small statues of shadows smiling
saying "you're the devil, you're the devil"
screaming, "no I'm not, no I'm not!"
I'll tie this knot, rip out my intestines
and drag myself around the floor with them
you can use them to suspend the lights

can you hear me?
Mister Spider, I'm talking to you
your legs are bent backwards
do they carry a pulse?
are they pumping the blood of tiny infants?
small fetuses strewn through structures
too intact to make an impact
I'm not aware of the illusions, my friend
what day is it today?
rip my spine out, I have no use for it now
I present it to you in the form of a scarf
they put a hole in me, the folks upstairs
they've ripped my heart out and used it
for their affection to God
I'm losing touch with reality
we've made a home here
oh darkness, oh maggots, let's have a celebration
the power of Christ has compelled us!
can we say we deserve better when
we don't even know what better is?
Don't doubt that denial is a dreamer
she's drinking blood with the whore of acceptance
you should have seen the look on the saint's face
we've wrecked the wicked path, shook it to it's core
I have no idea what I'm saying anymore
I just need sleep
that's better
Goodnight Mister Spider
Track Name: With the Moon on Our Backs
My eyes are a daydream slowly dying
mother and father's souls are corrupt
their words are ignorant soldiers
slaughtering the innocent
my Brother does not deserve to feel pain
never ending, a gray and dismal prison


We're gonna run away
with the moon on our backs
find a new life
and never look back
I'll be your guardian angel

"What do you think that monster would do to you?"
mother asked with furious eyes
"he would rip you limb from limb!"
"You're wrong about him!"
his life is a dark void that you created
he's not the caged beast you think he is
he's a sad soul, with a good heart

It feels like heaven
staring at the skyline
well we can wander through every land
let the leaves wither beneath our feet
and as time stands still, we'll be free men
bright with honesty, bursting with truth
but for now, our hearts are held captive
they've been torn apart as easily as the rapture
I hear the sound of autumn's laughter
every tree sways under the Moon's smile
we will start a new life and it begins outside these walls
we're destined for the shore, it can't wait
to share all of life's secrets with us
and summer will bring scenes where we're kings of it all
Track Name: Not Such a Perfect Soldier
Cries and whispers
fill the house
mother and father are planning their move
the demon downstairs is an inconvenience to our lives
well go ahead, scream, scream, scream, until no voice is left
you're not gonna be around much longer anyway
for now I'll do as I'm told
my parents are my voice
I have no voice of my own
I'll aim to always be God's perfect soldier

there's a tide of violence rolling in
the morning comes as quickly as the absence of sanity
sometimes I search for some hidden structure
just so I can sleep at night

a tempest of strain is heading our way
the moments of grace are slipping away
I wanna reach to the sky and be pulled to Heaven
because I can't prepare for what's to come

I'm terrified to be honest
I'm like a snowflake in the rain
I'll never make it to my true home
I'll just melt away before I hit the ground

but our family life is like a rehearsed play
it's perfect, right down to our lines
no surprises, and nothing out of script
I'm supposed to be the rock of the family
as still as the sea, as calm as the rain
I don't know what to think to anymore

murder is wrong and I refuse to take part in that
oh dear God, I can hear the roar of Hell below
I'll do what has to be done
my mind is as weak as the ocean's breeze
can you just take me away, please?
Track Name: Our Kingdom Awaits
Our destiny will be like pages in the Bible
the world will bow at our feet
and we'll say "all in God's name"
so we're taking a vow to vanquish the darkness
to look into his black eyes of emptiness
and say "you are the first born evil"
and you'll be erased as painfully as you entered this world


So when the Heavens call our names
we'll say "no, no, no"
this is all thanks to God

he was born as a smile
a sunrise warming the beach
but we turned away, as anguished as baby birds thrown from our nest
life was comfortable and safe
until it grew too heavy with pain
but the child is here in the form of a test
his voice carried the sound of all our fears
fierce, evil, and soulless

The sun blew up the bedroom like a grenade at war
we squinted our eyes and said "it's not quite time"
so for now we'll stay tucked under the covers
of our protective chamber
the demon will not be renewing his lease on life
we the landlords have come to collect
it's time to burn the bridge to the past
there is work to be done
this is the road to the future
our kingdom awaits
Track Name: Enlightenment Leads to Freedom
I have fear of this house now
it's all been a lie
goodbye, goodbye
so smile for the saints (pretty little liars)
stay in denial to demonstrate (a power that's higher)
tie the knot, there's no room for mistake
I'm sorry to leave this way
and I'll never see you again
wait for me at the white river
I saw it glow under the water
pulled me in like a vortex
it was beautiful
evaporate, never to return
all is right
saved by the light
colors fade like hungry nights
so hungry, so hungry

alluring conception
formation of mere existence
enlightenment for significance
you're on your own
detached to make do with old bones
saddened to stay silent in shadows
sorry to leave you stranded
I wasn't strong enough to steer this ship
it's all over now
my life was as meaningless as life itself
watch what happen when I wave goodbye...
Track Name: Fall in Place
Life is built to fulfill missions
omit the confessions
slither to spin it 'round
we're terrified of failure
we're just small pieces in the jigsaw


This story will see it's end
the kingdom will rise, will rise
all hail the glorious prophets

Sharpen our blades
justice is a burning torch
let it burn, let it burn, let it burn
we're terrified of failure
we're just small pieces in the jigsaw

before you try to escape,
before you open that filthy mouth,
close your eyes and turn your back
your nightmare will suffocate your existence
our time has come
but what's this?
an interruption, a surprise
ends in our demise

We have let you down
He looks down on us in shame
we have let you down
there is no light
no prize
we will never fall in place
Track Name: The White River
I'm just a tiny little seed, who idolizes the root
but I am not who I am
I'm wrapped around a spool, too tired to care
what's to fight for when you've been sleeping for so long?
you will always be my brother


Meet me at the white river

We're a sun and shade mix
too tired to quit just yet
slept for too long to stay sane
this life is everything, so beautiful, but not without you

It took us years to see, what we were meant to be
there is no heaven or hell, it's just you and I, right here, right now
we're finally awake
lifted from the ground
there is nowhere to go from here but to a better place
this life is beautiful, the past has been erased
I'm heading out with the change of the tide
I'll see you on the other side
Track Name: The Last Judgement
Architect of my darkness, the thief of my light
memories dim with age
the loved ones who visit us in dreams are strangers
escaping the machinery of justice
and we are all condemned to die
but it's no consolation
I'm sorry, I have to stay behind


So I'll never see you again
and I'll never see you again

Human justice is nothing and divine
justice is everything
close to death, we are truly ready, to live again, to begin again
and all the pain and suffering and rage arrested hope
it has made me indifferent to the world, I'm so sorry

That I'll never see you again
and I'll never see you again

and I will never leave you even though you're always leaving me
and you will live a beautiful life without me
but I will always remember you